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Bijouterie Schaller

Delivering excellence since 1962

Established in Montreux more than fifty years ago, we pride ourselves on our vast experience and expertise.

We are a fourth-generation family business with a passion for watchmaking and beautiful things: our store is a must-visit for lovers of fine jewellery and timepieces.

Jewellery speaks to our emotions: each piece is a declaration of affection, a token of love and a cherished reminder of a loved one or a happy event.

Our exquisite jewellery is designed, crafted and carefully finished in this spirit by the designers Annamaria Cammilli, Beheyt, One more and Chimento.

The technical excellence of the watch movements, the elegant curves of the cases and the robustness of the bracelets are a whole world to explore and a passion that we enjoy sharing.



Authorised partner of the following brands:


Authorised partner of the following brands:

Our story

Schaller Jewellers
Four generations of expertise at your service

Montreux – Established in 1962


Bijouterie Schaller Montreux - 1900

Where It All Began

The Schaller family has its origins in the Jura mountains, where four generations trained at the watchmaking schools in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle.


Bijouterie Schaller Montreux - 1930

New Horizons

In the 1930s, the Schaller family leaves Switzerland and sets sail from Marseille bound for North Africa.


Bijouterie Schaller Montreux - 1931

Settling Down Abroad

Upon reaching North Africa, the Schallers settle down and open a watch and jewellery shop.


Bijouterie Schaller Montreux - 1960

Return to Switzerland

In the early 1960s, political instability and then war force the family to return to Switzerland.


Bijouterie Schaller Montreux - 1962

Establishment in Montreux

The family decides to start afresh in Montreux, where it opens a watch and jewellery shop on Grand-Rue in 1962.